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Welcome to PTC

Teaching you how to succeed as a new parent!

Flexiable Hours

We have very flexiable hours and a very lax attendance policy, we know how it can be with little ones at home!

Many Programs to Help You Succceed

We have many additional programs such as parent support groups, babysitting rotation programs, and spa days!

Fun Atmosphere

We study hard and prepare you well, but best of all we have fun doing it! We always keep you smiling and teach you you CAN still be happy regaurdless of all the late nights and endless crying!

Explore Courses

We have many different courses and are always taking suggestions for new ones!

Changing Diapers in the Dark
Simulation Premium
Thriving with little to no sleep!
General Education Premium
Living with never having alone time
General Education Premium
Playing Hide and Seek for hours
Full Immersion Premium
Baby Clothes Shopping Addicts
General Education Premium


Why should you trust us?

Years of Experiance

Everyone staffed by us has a least on child over the age of 10. So don't worry, we've all been there!

Expert Teachers

All of our instructors are really thriving in their personal lives as parents and really know everything their is to know about surviving as a new parent. And they are ready to share that knowledge with you!


Here at PTC we have a great sense of community and really value our fellow parents. We have many support groups and volunteer babysitting rotation programs to back that up!

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If there are any questions we can answer for you please send us a message, we will respond as quickly as possible! Thank you!

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